ActivFlo water conditioners are the No.1 product when it comes to whole-house protection against limescale build-up.

No chemicals
or taint
to install
Fit and

ActivFlo Domestic Compression 15mm

Easily fit to a standard 15mm water pipe.

ActivFlo Domestic Compression 22mm

Easily fit to a standard 22mm water pipe.

ActivFlo Solo 1/2"

For easy installation at
point-of-use on any appliance using 1/2” supply.

ActivFlo is the complete solution to hard water in the UK

ActivFlo’s catalytic water conditioner changes the structure of hard water without using salts or chemicals. The treated water prevents limescale build-up and reduces existing limescale problems, saving you money on your bills. ActivFlo Water Conditioners make heating systems and appliances more efficient. Pipework and appliances last longer and work better with water treated by an ActivFlo water conditioner. ActivFlo doesn’t take up valuable cupboard space and once fitted no maintenance is required. One ActivFlo water conditioning device is enough to protect an entire home. No hassle, no on-going costs and no maintenance. ActivFlo is the easy solution to hard water problems.

Water conditioner VS. water softener?

Watch our explainer video and discover the different types of hard water treatments on the market.

What is hard water?

Learn more about hard water in the UK, find out if you live in a hard water area, and discover the impact hard water has on our health and our homes.

How does ActivFlo reduce hard water in your home?

ActivFlo conditions hard water as it enters your home using a special alloy and some clever science. This prevents limescale build-up and prolongs the lifespan of your water system and appliances.

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