ActivFlo Lite

Introducing the new range of Activ-flo Lite water conditioners, removing the need for any harmful chemicals or salts to be replenished. When water is heated it reduces its capability to hold calcium in solution encouraging it to its adhere to its nearest surface, as you will commonly see on the element of water heating devices.

Using the Activ-flo Lite’s turbulent amplifier to ensure  maximum efficiency, the water is passed over a sacrificial anode which releases zinc ions into calcified water chnage the minerals structure to form as aragonite, a non adhering particle. Thus meaning when water is run it is reluctant to adhere to any surfaces and wil l exit down a waste pipe. If aragonite is to deposit through evaporation onto chrome  plated products or shower screens these are now much easier to remove by use of a mild cleaning action,  no strong detergents, chemica ls or aggressive cleaning actions required.


  • *5 Years Warranty
  • *WRAS Approved
  • No Running Costs
  • Product Life Expectancy 8 Years
  • No Salts or Chemicals Required
  • Internal slip coupling for ease of installation
  • Turbulent Amplifier To Ensure Maximum efficiency
  • Whole House System and Appliance Protection

Product Range

Description Code
15mm Activ-Flo Lite Water Conditioner AFL015
22mm Activ-Flo Lite Water Conditioner AFL022
28mm Activ-Flo Lite Water Conditioner AFL028


Activflo Lite Installation and Operations Manual
ActivFlo Lite Datasheet
ActivFlo Lite Leaflet