Standard fittings
for easy installation​

Polished chrome finish

Simple and specific flow


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Terms and Conditions

Activ-Tec guarantees the product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the date of purchase. If the product is determined to be defective at the date of original purchase due to improper materials or workmanship and you inform us of this within 15 years of the date of purchase, Activ-Tec (at their discretion) will, without charge for labour or parts, repair and/or replace the product or its defective parts subject to the terms and limitations below. Activ-Tec may replace defective products or parts with new or refurbished products or parts.

Guarantee services will be provided only if the original invoice or sales receipt (indicating the date of purchase and supplier's name) is presented with the defective product within the 15 year guarantee period. The free of charge service may be refused if this information is not available. The guarantee will not apply if the product has not been installed correctly.

This guarantee does not cover (without limitation):

  • Periodic maintenance or parts replacement due to wear and tear;
  • Damage or defects caused by misuse in operation;
  • Installation or use of the product inconsistent with good working practice;
  • Failure to maintain the product in accordance with instructions;
  • Repair or attempted repair by persons who are not qualified;
  • Neglect

Consumers have legal (statutory) rights under applicable laws relating to the sale of consumer products. This guarantee does not affect statutory rights you may have or those rights that cannot be excluded or limited, nor rights against the person from whom you purchased the product. You may assert any rights you have at your sole discretion.