The Non-Chemical Alternative Water Conditioner

Standard compression fittings for ease of installation

All domestic pipe sizes available​

Simple and specific flow


Standard approaches to water treatment rely heavily on harmful chemicals, which must be replenished frequently.
Activ-Tec’s ActivFlo does away with any need for such chemicals and will comfortably fit in the most convenient of spaces, with minimal maintenance needed.

Designed and engineered for life, ActivFlo will easily last 15 years in your family home.

What is Hard water?

Hard water is a result of the harmless minerals calcium and magnesium in your water supply.  These have been collected as natural rainwater flows underground.

Although harmless hard water can affect your home in several ways:

  • Limescale appears and builds up in sinks, baths, and shower doors
  • The flow of water in shower heads and taps reduces as limescale builds up
  • The build-up of limescale can damage and reduce the efficiency of your appliances and heating systems
  • Requires much more washing powder when doing laundry
  • Increases the need for descalers throughout your home

– The Benefits –

Benefits in your home

By installing an ActivFlo Chemical Free Water Conditioner you can reverse and stop all the effects of hard water.  This includes::

  • No more limescale build up in your appliances, taps, showers and sinks
  • Up to 50% less soap and washing powder needed
  • No spotting or marks on stainless steel sinks and worktops
  • Improvement in some dry skin conditions
  • Better tasting water from the tap

And, The benefits you don’t see.

The build-up of limescale can eventually lead to the failure of parts within washing machines, dishwashers, showers and boilers.  By installing an ActivFlo water conditioner you will safely condition your hard water which will help to prolong the life of your appliances.

Your hot water cylinder can also be affected by limescale and over time the efficiency will be reduced as the coil and pipes get coated with limescale and get affected by corrosion.

– Product Information –

How does a water conditioner work?

In hard water, there are calcium carbonate crystals.

As this hard water passes through the ActivFlo, two things happen. It’s exposed to a small electrical charge on the surface of the alloy and it also experiences a drop in pressure, caused by the alloy’s shape. These actions cause the calcium carbonate to form an insoluble aragonite crystal. These crystals, microscopic in size, are smoother and do not have the same bonding properties as calcium carbonate. This means that they can’t stick to pipework, heating elements, shower heads etc. They remain suspended in the water and ultimately flow out through the drain.


How does a water softener work?

Unlike many water softeners the Activ Flo Water Conditioner does not use any chemicals which need regular replenishment. The Activ Flo can be easily installed in to your existing water system and left to do its job with little or no maintenance.

Once installed and connected to the domestic power supply the Activ Flow uses an electromagnetic to alter the properties of the minerals from your water supply that cause hard water. This then prevents the particles from building up and forming limescale in your appliances, taps, showers and other areas of your home.

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